Product introduction

I will introduce the products produced by Gogofarm.

Harvesting Robot 'Robongi'

Assisting farmers and replacing labor. Harvesting assistant robot ‘Robongi’ that autonomously harvests crops through AI learning.

Phone consultation: +82) 070-8887-1471

Lawn Mowing Robot 'Dabeo'

Changing the history of lawn mowing through remote control. Conveniently and safely from a distance!

Phone consultation: +82) 070-8887-1471

Key technologies

Core technologies of Gogofarm

Object recognition, ripeness detection

The object recognition of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers has been completed.

AI vision

- Vision analysis for stem cutting
- Recognizing stems and obstacles for avoidance

Robot control

To control the robot for cutting using the recognized cutting point coordinates

Drive unit

- Greenhouse and open field operationbr> - Narrow space operation with a width of 70cm

Data collection, Labeling

- In-house data collection
- Advanced development with auto-labeling

Autonomous driving

- Navigation using mapping information learned in indoor environments & Remote control

Harvest detection algorithm - AI detector